A lunchcafe in the daytime. So in between heavy breakfast and dinners a tasty and reasonable priced lunch is the best.

We have 15 different toasties... for example: a Feta-party..... a spicy hot curry...... tuna-cheese and onion.
Or a just freshly baked crispy baguette. Our whole-wheat rolls and baguettes are made with our special recipe. You will love them.Thinly sliced smoked ham, fresh made tuna, real salami, spicy curry salad....

The draught is all day working and ice-cold of course!
Very good coffees, milky steamy hot Nescafe, Nespresso. Cappuccino, sorbet koffies met ijs.

Irish Coffee (like you would make at home) with a good measure of Jameson.

Creamy thick milkshakes, 80% ice-cream we use, they are world famous.

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All available to take away to the beach, excursion or airport.

We have a large terrace/seating in front of the sea under a happy red roof/tent.

Well measured shorts, we use freshly opened bottles to mix your longdrink.

Wonderful coctails, 15 years experience. Our wine is smooth and refreshing, a good brand: Tsantali. Red, Rose or White.

And all the spirits we use is of a quality brand. Smirnoff, Gordon's, etc... Only the real stuff!